Generally speaking there is not very much that we can’t repair in your laptop but timing and cost are always the factors involved.

People always want their repairs done quickly and it is not always possible to source the parts quickly and cheaply.

Where we get the parts from influences how long the repair takes and what the cost of it will be.

We source our parts form lots of different companies in the UK and in Europe to try to keep the prices for parts as low as we can.


But if you want your laptop repaired in a hurry then you may have to pay more for the parts than you would if we have to time to shop around and source them for you at the lowest cost.

We repair screens, hard drives and motherboards by replacing the components.

There is a point where a laptop is not normally worth repairing and that is when the motherboard breaks. A replacement motherboard can cost £300-400 and at that point a laptop can be uneconomic to repair.

If your laptop reaches that stage it can be left with us and we will dispose of it properly but it has no value to us.

We will wipe the hard drive with security programmes to ensure you data has been completely removed.