It's easy to waste your money on hardware by buying things you either don't need or that won't help you.

For example, you can buy more computer memory than you need or you can upgrade and find it makes no real difference!

We can advise on what upgrades are worth doing whether for your PC or laptop.

Until recently, software was always usually provided on a CD and that limited the size of the files. But nowadays software is supplied on a DVD or online and there's no limit to the file size, so the software is always more resource hungry - ten times more in some cases!

We always advise our customers to use Intel processors because they are always the most reliable.

We use only branded computer chips because cheaper ones are simply not worth it. Sometimes even branded chips go wrong but when that happens we can soon find out why.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the answer - we recently wiped a client's PC and reinstalled the Microsoft Windows operating system and the PC ran six times faster!

If you want to upgrade your Microsoft Office package or move to the latest Windows operating system then you are going to need more memory to run it and hard disk space to store it on.

It gets to the stage where software outpaces your hardware and then you've got to do something about that otherwise you get problems - the machine runs slowly or not at all!

So seek advice from us because it could help you save both time and money.